Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tonsai or Maybe Railay - A Peak into Ethan's Trip to Thialand + Roller Disco Music Videos

Here's the funny thing. As I was trying to log into this blog, I was listening to a brand new Rollerskating Playlist (full of songs I used to rollerskate to when I was in junior high in the 1970's) and I was listening to "Le Freak" by Chic, trying to type in tune with the music and dancing in my chair. It turns out that I can't make that work. My dance wiggle caused me to hit the CAPS button and the wrong letters. It was a little bit of a bummer that I had to stop groovin' out in order to log in. (I've shared a fun bit of disco music with you below. It was a good time for polyester and colorful costumes. I hope you enjoy it.)

Ethan has been in Thailand for a week now. Larr just dropped Ellie, Kohlton and Brandon off at the airport this morning for a quick trip to California. It will be strange being kidless this weekend.

Ethan, Emily and Alec started out in Bankok. While they were there they visited the Grand Palace. Ethan says that it is amazing, beautiful and full of cats that are well cared for, at least in terms of wild cats. He says that Thailand is the most beautiful place that he has ever visited. His favorite part of the trip so far is the topography and the land.

To get to Tonsai (and then Railay, I think) they took a 10 hour train ride, a crowded bus ride, then transferred to a pick up truck and then waded out in waist high water (holding all of their belongings above their head) to get into a long tail boat to get to their destination. The long tail boat is long, thin and propelled by a diesel engine.
That alone sounds like an adventure to me.

Monkeys are everywhere. They are cute, pesky and they will take whatever you have in your hands. Ethan says that if you are not careful, they will take your phone. Most of the people in Thailand speak enough English that Ethan is not having any difficulty communicating. He even spent part of a day on the beach with friendly locals who included him in their conversations and activities.

Most of the tourists seem to be young folk, like Ethan, who are their to rock climb and boulder. This makes sense since they are staying in a place famous for such activities. They are renting a few rooms for $15 a night. The walls are so thin that sunlight shines through in the morning. There are cracks in the floor of the bungaloo that is his room. It took Ethan a few nights before he figured out how to use the bug net so that he was not a bug buffet while he slept.

In addition to rock climbing and bouldering, they have enjoyed going on hikes.

All of the bars are outside and they have slacklines for people to use. (Slacklines are thin nylon webbing that is suspended, like a tightrope, that people walk across for fun and to improve his/her balance.) The food is good and very affordable. He has been ordering Pad Thai and curry dishes.

Ethan reports that it is hot and humid all of the time. He mostly wears the linen pants that I made for him before he left. It is nice to know that what I made for him is useful.

When I was Ethan's age, it did not even occur to me that a young person could go off and have such adventures. Even had I known about it, I am not sure that I would have been brave enough to do it. I am glad that he is more brave than I am. I think Ellie is braver, too.


A little roller disco music for your enjoyment:

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