Monday, February 23, 2015

Don's Memorial and Visiting Relatives

Don's memorial was on Saturday. It was, hands down, the best memorial I have ever been part of or attended. Don lived a full life and he left behind many stories, many people who were truly bettered for having had him in his/her life. It was clear that one of the driving forces in his life was helping others realize their dream. The memorial was mostly a string of stories about Don's life, mixed in with some singing and a few passages from the bible. It was very well attended, even though a big storm was on its way. Many people sent beautiful arrangements. We served lunch and had a slide show going during the reception.
After the church reception, family and close friends returned to the house. It was full of people, laughter, activity and food. Grandpa Don and Grandma Eleanor would have been very happy. Some people played card games in the basement where they felt close to Don.
There were games and visiting on the main floor, too.
The folks from non-snowy places were happy for the storm. In fact, they had a hard time doing anything other than staring out of the window.
Most of the folks have returned home, or are on their way there. Only Truike and Jan remain. They had hoped to go to Taos, but the storm is preventing that. They are settling for a final tour of what MetroDenver has to offer. It is likely that this is their last trip to Colorado, and maybe even their last trip to the US. Our Dutch family members return to Netherland in a week.

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