Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Ellie's Trip to California - Sunset Cliffs in La Jolla - Part 3

If I asked Ellie, I am pretty sure that she would say that one of her favorite things is pausing to take in a beautiful sunset. And as you will see here, she has a talent for capturing them. These beauties are from the Sunset Cliffs in La Jolla, California.

I think the ones below might be from another night. I am not sure if these are from Sunset Cliffs, or from Coronado.
And though she most likely does not like this picture of herself, I love this photo of my girl.

Ethan is still in Thailand. He has taken a few days to travel alone to see some of the temples. His traveling companions did not want to join him. He is ready to come home, but he is also in awe of the beauty of some of the parts of Thailand. His stories make me wish I could go traveling.

I've borrowed one of Ellie's images from her trip and created a small mixed media piece. I will share that with you in the next post.

While working on it, and looking at these photos, I've enjoyed the music of Ben Howard and Passenger. Perhaps you will enjoy their music, too:

I am going to buy these albums some time soon. For now, I enjoy the music on .

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