Friday, February 13, 2015

Good Times

Today is a pretty wonderful day. Yesterday Ethan returned home from his trip to Thailand, Ellie and Kohlton celebrated their third year of dating and it was a relaxing evening.
Ellie gifted Ethan with a welcome home cake that featured succulents and a garden cat decoration made of frosting, fashioned after one of his actual succulent gardens. It feels good to have all of us under one roof again.

(If you look closely, you will see Ellie playing the ukulele that Kohlton gave to her as a gift. She has already learned how to play "Over the Rainbow" and another song whose name I cannot remember.)

I started the day by meeting Natalie at a diner in Golden where we chatted over breakfast, both of us having the day off. We've been friends for 25+ years, but most of that time we lived in different places and so our in-person conversations were limited and only the most important topics were measured out. Now we get together on a regular basis and we can converse about the everyday, the mundane, the upsetting, the exciting - it is all on the table.

Then I came home where I was able to open all of the windows on the main floor of the house to let the sunshine and warmth in. Ethan lounged in his favorite chair, trying to get back on Colorado time. Thailand is 12 hours ahead, so it was nearly night time to his body. I cleaned a bit and then crafted. I also made 3 batches of Valentine theme rice crispy treats. The soft music of John Denver floating through the air. I always think of Natalie when I listen to his music. John Denver's music makes Ethan feel at home and comfortable.

This evening we will go to the Valentine's day dance at school. It was nice to have a calm day at home with my boy.

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