Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Eleanor Update - a Largely down hill bumpy ride

Eleanor had a goal to enjoy the holiday season. We had 18 people in town to celebrate. As they went back home Eleanor seemed to diminish. By the time Truike and Jan returned to Roderdam she was almost back to her old sleep a lot routine - only it got worse. I believe it was about eight days before she got out of bed again. Most days she sleeps most of the time. She might eat once or not at all. We are pretty sure it is the medication for the pain. She says it makes her feel foggy and sleepy. When she is awake she simply opens her eyes. Many days we don't even see her head off of the pillow. However, a spark of her personality still shines through. Earlier this week she promised to haunt my dear husband from the other side, leaving him messages written with a cider block. She cracked a few quite jokes with the kids. Most of her conversations are about trying to get us ready for her to die. She is completely at peace with it. I'm glad she is a peace, but I am not sure I can or will ever be there as far as her death will be concerned. I feel connected by trying to be useful. I am beginning to think about what it will take to make a film about her life. We have very few photos from when she was a little girl. Most of her photos from her married life are in slides. I am looking into the best way to convert those slide images into digital ones. I have also asked Eleanor and Don to think about the music from their life that holds meaning for them. My hope is that I can produce a quality program that captures the essence of Eleanor - one that can be a celebration of her life and a memento for those who hold her dear.

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