Sunday, January 25, 2009

K4OT 2009 - Knitting for Our Troops

The local Denver Public Library has been running a neat event called, "K4OT: Knitting For Our Troops." On Friday and Saturday nearly every knitting store in town hosted knit-ins. The goal is to gather 5,280 hand-knit hats to send over to the troops in Iraq.

After work on Friday I went to The Knit Knack, a shop owned by my friend, Gerri, to take part in the event.

I managed to get two hats done. I hope that the people who receive them will feel supported and thought of. I hope they make a small bit of difference in making the people feel comfortable.

I spent the evening at a table in the front with Bonnie and Susan.

Later Carrie joined us. It was fun, but I did not remember to eat dinner so I was exhausted by the time I went home at 9:00.

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