Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jumping into Digital Scrapbooking - Sites I love

If you've followed my blog lately you know that I am diving into the world of digital scrapbooking. At first it was totally overwhelming. I did not know how to go about finding the art stuff that fits my style. Many of the sites I found at first were either too cute or too country for my taste. I have since stumbled upon some great sites. I decided I would start out slow and get to know a company or two really well. I found those sites by looking at digital scrapbooking galleries. The first source were pages I liked in the galleries. If you click on the photos you usually get more information. I found that two companies kept showing up.

Now I am a devoted follower and purchaser from I love a lot of the stuff they sell. They have wonderful galleries and amazing sales. On Sunday through Monday they feature two items for $.25 each. On Thursdays a bunch of stuff is 30% off. I've even found some that was down to $.99. They also have several inspiring challenges each week. Each challenge comes with a freebie. I love to see what people post in the galleries.

Another one I love is Tracy Anne Digial Art and the TADA Blog. They also have wonderful galleries and freebies.

Other recent finds that I will explore in more depth include Creashen's Blog, Natali Design, CatScrap, Studio Girls and Two Little Pixies. I found these by following links on various blogs related to digital scrapbooking.

I also love some of the blogs for the designers. Creashen's blog is on. I really appreciate the clean lines and lovely color found on Ali Edward's blog. Anna Aspnes has wonderful tutorials on her digital scrapbooking site, too. {We Are} Storytellers is also a fun site. I have only explored it a small bit. If you want tutorials, Jessica Sprague has some lovely ones for free, as well as a few freebie downloads. She also offers online courses.

Okay, this was actually a long list, not just the two companies I work mostly from. As I figure out more, I am sure the list will grown. Now I just have to figure out how to get it all organized on my computer. I am going to try something similar to how I organize my actual, tangible scrapbooking supplies and try to keep track of what company each thing is from so I can correctly label my gallery entries.

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