Sunday, April 05, 2009

Imix Creations for New Baby Gifts

Printed with iTunes
1. Stay Awake / Julie Andrews 1:45
2. Inchworm / Danny Kaye 3:14
3. Hushabye Mountain / Various Artists 1:55
4. La la Lu / Peggy Lee 1:37
5. Edelweiss / Various Artists 2:16
6. Lullaby / Trout Fishing In America 3:41
7. Baby Mine (From "Dumbo") / Betty Noyes 2:07
8. Feed the Birds - Tuppence a Bag (From "Mary Poppins" 3:49
9. When You Dream / Barenaked Ladies 5:19
10.(They Long to Be) Close to You / Carpenters 4:36
11.The Luckiest / Ben Folds 4:25
12.Waltzing With Bears / Mack Bailey 3:48
13.All the Pretty Little Ponies / Kenny Loggins 3:59
14.Leatherwinged Bat / Kevin Roth 2:14
15.You Are My Sunshine (Pt. 1) / Elizabeth Mitchell 2:49
16.Somewhere Over the Rainbow / Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 3:31
17.Lullaby / Jack Johnson & Matt Costa 2:47
18.Gotta Have You / The Weepies 3:20
19.All Through the Night / Kevin Roth 2:06
20.Blessed Be / Alison Krauss 3:26
21.Night Mantra / Renee & Jeremy 3:20
22.Takes My Breath Away / Tuck & Patti 4:57
23.Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) / John Lennon 4:04

I love reading blogs. I have several that I check every day. One that I love is by Ali Edwards. She is a designer for, the place that I get most of my digital scrapbooking items from. She recently had Baby Anna. It is touching to read their new experiences together. One of the inspiring things she has done was to create an IMix for the baby. She posted the song list, some links, instructions on how to make an IMix through ITunes. This got me thinking. First I started with just checking out the songs. Then I thought of the several friends who have had or are just about to have their first babies. I usually make a small photoalbum for them, one where you can put in one photo for each month of the first year, but right now I just don't have the time to create a few of those. They take me a long time. They are always a hit, so I wanted to come up with something equally personal. This struck me as the solution. I love to give very personal gifts that the baby will not outgrow so quickly. Some of my favorite gifts to us when Ellie and Ethan were born were the cassettes I received. I had an established set that I played for each of them. It quickly became part of our bedtime routine to turn on the music and I would sing along as I rocked them. This lovely routine lasted for a very long time. In fact, I still sing a few of the songs to them when they are feeling down or are ill. I began by listening to the songs on Ali's list. Then I read all of the comments that others left and listened to those, too. One at a time the kids would walk by, taking note of what I was working on. First Ellie suggested some that I had sung to her. The Ethan chimed in. What began as a small gift creation for someone else became a gift of a walk down memory lane. And my was it every sweet. I still have those songs in my head. At first I worried that I would not find enough music for my project. Very quickly it turned into a much larger list that became two playlists. One for bedtime and one for relaxing times. I love that you can create a playlist in Itunes then print out a CD cover that lists the songs, the artist(s) and many of the covers.

Printed with iTunes
1. Gotta Have You / The Weepies 3:20
2. Daughters / John Mayer 3:58
3. All My Days / Alexi Murdoch 4:57
4. Blackbird / The Beatles 2:19
5. Common Threads / Bobby McFerrin 4:17
6. Takes My Breath Away / Tuck & Patti 4:57
7. The Lovely Years / Fisher 3:00
8. Power of Two / Indigo Girls 5:22
9. In My Daughter's Eyes / Martina McBride 3:14
10.I Knew I Loved You / Savage Garden 4:10
11.I'm Yours / Jason Mraz 4:03
12.Little Bird / Jonatha Brooke 2:30
13.White Winter Hymnal / Fleet Foxes 2:27
14.Hands In Pockets (feat. Laura Gibson) / Portland Cello 3:26
15.First Day of My Life / Bright Eyes 3:09
16.Tiger Mountain Peasant Song / Fleet Foxes 3:29
17.Sunshine On My Shoulders / John Denver 5:14
18.Annie's Song / John Denver 3:02
19.Night Mantra / Renee & Jeremy 3:20

If you create an IMix, I'd love to hear about it. You can check out the instructions on how to create them either through Ali's Blog or through Itunes.

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