Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tang Concubine

Friday was a cold and blustery day. The weather vasilated between sloppy. ploppy rain and thick snow that looked more like bits of stuffing than the real deal. Ethan was in Jamaica and Ellie was staying the night at Arianna's house, so we were home alone - an unusual event for us. I called Larr to tell him that I was leaving. He says, "Say, what are you doing this evening." "Oh, I don't know. That is why I am calling you," I replied. "I was thinking we'd have dinner at Arby's and go to the two dollar theater." "Is it a Kelsey fundraider?" I inquired. (Kelsey is trying to earn money to go on an "Up with People" trip. We've eaten a few crazy dinners in an attempt to support her.) "OR... what about McDonald's and Redbox?" (an even cheaper option)"Huh, I see you're in a silly mood." "No, well, yes. I have a surprise - do you wanna know what it is, or should I make you wait?" "It is already a surprise. Tell me." I was intrequied at that point. " Tang Concubine! We're going to see Tang Concubine at the Buell." "What?" I inquired. I thought I had not heard him correctly. I thought it looked like a fun show, but very pricey. He decided to buy tickets for us to go since I love almost anything Chinese. Later that evening I happily put on my Chinese-ish jacket and headed to the theater. A rare treat for us.

It is the story of two women of importance in China during the Tang Dynasty. The show was billed as an action-theater presentation. It was wonderful, beautiful, modern and way more sexy than I expected it to be. The costumes were amazing. The dancers were talented and superb. The two drummer in the orestra pit were as much fun to watch as the dancers. The show was like a musical mixed with a martial arts show and a circus act. If it comes your way, I would suggest you go. At the end a few of the dancers stood in the lobby where you could have your photo taken with them. I had not taken my camera, but we took two with Larr's camera. Now we simply need to figure out how to send them to me.

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