Friday, April 17, 2009

Of Seven Tiered Falls, Run, Coconuts from the tree and Private Hammocks on the Beach

On Tuesday the crew in Jamaica headed for the Golden Sands beach to do a little body surfing and time of the beach. Ethan marveled at how clear the water is. He says that it is like looking into glass. The bottom that is 100 feet away looks only five feet deep. I was lovely to have a relaxing day.

Next up was a visit to YS Falls where they challenged each other swing out over the water and let go. Some were not very high, but others were up to 25 feet out. He loved diving off of the water cliff falls. When they tired of that they when out to do zip lines out through the jungle.

In the evening they rented a house on the beach and went out for a nice meal. Ethan was happy to finally meet a cat, the first one he had encountered on this trip. He tells me that the cat is really sticking and very lovey. He also remarked that there were still wild, sickly thin dogs everywhere. He shared what he could with them. On the beach there would be groups of up to ten dogs who forgot their worries and had some fun. Ethan said they rather looked like a group of kids playing and having a good time. In the evening he settled in to watch the sunset from a hammock on the beach. He relished a bit of alone time that afforded him.

On Wednesday they played on the beach more. Midday they visited the Appleton Estates Rum Distillery. They visited the plant and the factory where you get a glimpse of their famous process. Ethan was most impressed with the liquid sugar they use. At the end you get a disposable shot glass and samples of as many things as you like. He said, "Mom, it is quite a sales pitch. They put you in this dark, lush room with tons and tons of bottles of rum. You can taste and drink as much as you like. After you are done you have to go through their store to leave. I think everyone bought something."

One of the favorite activities has been going to Bamboo Avenue. It is lovely, lush and has lots of coconut tress. You tell the person there which coconut you want. It gets cut down. Then they open it with a knife. First you enjoy the coconut jelly. Then they cut it up more and you eat the meat. Ethan thinks he could do this every day. He found it funny when he saw a man ride an ancient donkey up the road to nearly where they were. He was thinking this guys was totally old school until the old man pulled out a cell phone and began making a call. Later they went out to eat, again. This time Ethan ordered Peppered Shrimp. Unfortunately it made his throat close up so he had to trade with someone else. He spent the evening walking back to the house and hanging out in the hammock.

We did not hear from him on Thursday. Once we get more news I will continue the recap. Until then I will simply have to image what he is doing in the 90+ weather with glowingly white sand beneath his toes.

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