Friday, March 09, 2012

Ellie and Kohlton - Wacky Quiz Results

Tuesday the girl turned 15. Can you believe it? Fifteen - already. With Ethan nearly graduated, I am acutely aware of how fast my time with her is speeding away.
This year she celebrated her birthday by going downtown with Christy and Kohlton.It was a perfectly lovely day. They started out in the Highland's neighborhood walking around and had a little fun at the Little Man Ice Cream store. Ellie says that it was the coolest place. Ellie, the purest, had vanilla. Christy peanut butter orange ice cream and Kohlton had chocolate. They hung out, ate their ice cream and enjoyed the music, like "Silly Love Songs."

Next up, they strolled the mall and hung out at the park before going to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Ellie forgot her wallet at home and so her dad had to deliver it to her and then go back later to pick them all up. (No adults were invited to this party.)I was at a meeting in a different part of town by then.

And they forgot to take photos. Can you imagine?

Kohlton came over and had dinner with us on Wednesday. I relaxed with them and asked them some silly, wacky quiz questions. (Actually, I try to ask her some version of these kinds of questions every now and again.)Here's what they had to say:

It's a Kid's World -

1. If I could have one superpower it would be (E= flying, K= Wolverine powers (super bones with super healing)

2. What chore did you do last? (E= clean the fridge, K= vaccuming)

3. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? (E & K = "Chronicles")

4. What did you eat for lunch? (E= Man Salad (lettuce salad with beef strips), K= nachos and quesadillas)

5. What is the nicest thing you've done lately for someone in your family? (E= Made breakfast for Ethan, K= Helping my mom get out of bed (she had an injured back)).

6. What makes you mad? (E= girl's drama, K= getting hit with the kubaton during training).

7. What makes you happy? (E= being with friends and music, K= hanging with friends and skating, music)

8. What do you like to drink? (E= milk shakes and water, K= mountain dew and Fago soda)

9. Websites you visit. (E & K = Facebook and

10. What would you like to learn to do? (E & K= Learn to speak German, E= backflip on a bike, K= every skateboard trick)

The Best and Worst -
1. The age in your life you have enjoyed the most so far: E= 15, K= 15

2. The age that you've hated the most so far: E= 12, K= 15

3. The best day of the week: E= Friday. K= Friday night

4. The worst day of the week: E= Wednesday, K= Tuesday

5. Your finest accomplishment: E= Mountain bike crash (Endo Superman) & tripping onto the podium, K= Becoming a sponsored hunter

6. The worst thing you've done:E= Tripping on her way to the podium at CX Nationals, K= Not landing easy tricks at the skatepark

7. The color that looks best on you: E= Black, K= Brown

8. The color that looks the worst on you: E= Orange, K= Red

9. Your favorite movie of all time:E= "Batman" or "Fight Club", K= "Let it Ride"

10. The worst movie of all time:E= "Frozen", K= "Dude, Where's my Car?"

Two by Two -

1. 2 everyday things you couldn't live without:E= Ipod & jacket, K= Ipod & cell phone

2. 2 favorite songs:E= "All of my Love" by Led Zepplin, "If", K= "It's a Long Way to the Top" by AC/DC, "Gematria" by Slipknot

3. 2 things I want to do before I die:E= Going to the moon and driving around the world, K= Going to the moon and doing a back flip on a skateboard

4. 2 things I worry about:E= Getting fat and being homeless, K= Getting pulled from school and having to get into fights

5. 2 stores I shop at: E= Hot Topic and Zumies. K= Hot Topic and Community Skate and Ski

6. 2 things that scare you:E= Being buried alive and a bad reoccurring dream where everything is white and creepy, K= The Grudge and losing a fight

7. 2 snack you could enjoy every day: E= Apples and nuts, K= Nachos and apples (with a bit of caramel from time to time)

8. 2 people I'd be lost without (excepting your family):E= Christy and Kohlton, K= Ellie and Chirsty

9. 2 nicknames I've been given:E= Jelly Bean and Jelly Belly, K= Andy and Bear

10. 2 places I want to go on vacation: E= Russia and Alaska, K= Alaska and Africa

Fill in the blank -

1. If I hadn't become a (E= cyclist, K= Juggalo), I might (E= suck, K= less friends).

2. If I hadn't (E & K = gone to AVS), I might never have met (E= Kohlton, K= Ellie, Chirsty and Brandon).

4. My ability to (E= to be funny, K= draw) is one of my greatest skills.

5. If asked, my family would say my greatst accomplishment is (E= going to CX Nationals, K= being on honor roll 3 years in a row).

7. I am sorry that I will never see (E= 11/11/11, K= Greta (his dog who died this past summer) again.

8. Going to (E & K= AVS) taught me that (E= friends are one of the best things ever, K= I need to be free).

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