Monday, March 19, 2012

Learning to Snowboard in Eldora

We spent Saturday helping to demo the townhouse that caught on Friday last Wednesday. I can't write about that just now. It will have to wait. Instead, I want to focus on the fun from the weekend.

We spent most of Sunday up in Nederland. Kohlton taught Ellie how to snowboard. I am so glad that she finally got to learn how to snowboard. It seems silly to live in beautiful Colorado and not take part in the snow sports, but they are very expensive.

Britt, Kohlton's mother, told Ellie that she would likely spend most of her time falling on her butt. This was partily true, but it was not as bad as it is for many. She did not complain of a sore behind later on. Mark, Kohlton's dad, made him promise to be patient. Seeing that they were still smiling at the end of the day and that we did not find them in the lodge, I'd say that Kohlton was successful on that front, too.

I imagine that it must have been a nice feeling of accomplishment for both of them when Ellie was able to get down the mountain.

It was a glorious and sunny day.
While the girl learned to snowboard the rest of us had a casual lunch at the Wild Mountain Smokehouse. The food was great and they were kind enough to let us hang out for a while. I've been having a craving for buffalo wings and they sure know how to grill them.
After picking up the kids and making them suffer for a few photos, we went to Mark's and Kohlton's house. It is a lovely, inviting and comfortable hunter's lodge kind of place. Mark does engraving on knife hands, gun stocks, etc. I was pretty fascinated with the stuff he has created. Being an artist myself, I have an idea of what it takes to do such art. Beyond just the standard artistic challenge there is the issues of size (usualy very small) and shallow 3D. I think Kohlton's a pretty lucky boy for being able to grow up there.

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