Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Waiting for Spring to Arrive - Hopeful Choices

Most of the time, the crocus in our gardens bloom on Ellie's birthday. The weeks leading up to her birthday were too cold for that to happen this year. Only a very few brave flowers sent up hopeful buds that remained tightly wound up, hugging itself against the cold.
Each day after that I watched and waited. Each day got a bit warmer.
By last Friday the flowers began to brave the sunlight and offer up its open pedals to soak in the glorious rays. A few small bees hopped from flower to flower looking for signs of spring. Larr, Ethan and Tom lounged in the back yard. The boys played game after game of backgammon.
Saturday was a wonderful spring like day. The skies were blue, the wind had calmed and I was in the mood to garden. Rob Proctor, the local garden guru, proclaimed that it was time to plant pansies. Oh, I want pansies! They are so hopeful and joyous. But I have no money right now for such things and the few garden centers that have them warn that the flowers would need to be hardened off. I had to content myself with cleaning up the back yard.
The crocus and tiny iris cheered me on as I raked and trimmed. I was so tempted to pull away the blanket of fall leaves, but I know better. March is usually our snowiest month. I must be patient!
This striped beauty joined in the fun on Sunday.

In the garden bed nearest the house, the tulip green begin to prepare themselves, too. I love the colored edge of this plant. I cannot remember which colors of tulips I planted, so that will be a fun adventure, too.

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