Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen - CTLC Dinner

After the conference finished on Saturday, we went out to dinner together. We usually go to the Wynkoop Brewery, but they were completely booked ahead of time with the Woman's March madness basketball tournament in town. We went to the new Euclid Hall Bar and Kitchen. I am glad we did. I think it is such a fun place! Have a look at just some of what we enjoyed.

There were enough of us to fill two long tables.
The committee members that arrived before us ordered our appetizers of Roasted Cauliflower Salad with shishito pepper marmalade, haystack goat cheese, scallions and tempura crunchies. The marmalade was really wonderful. I will have to figure out how to make it.
We also enjoyed fried cheese curds and a very special chips with dip which was really a lemon goat cheese dip, oolong tea smoked rare duck breast cut into very thin slices, duck confit, Kennebec potatoe ships, baby dill and olive oil. Oh my - I could have stopped there an been happy.

This is Steak Poutine with grilled and braised beef, demi chasseur, chervil, tarragon and cheddar curds. Very tasty!

Several of the people at our table had the Fried Quial with Sourdough seed and nut waffles with duck gravy and a habanero-maple syrup.

I was drawn to putting together my own plate idea so I stared with the hand-cranked beef short rib kielbasa. It came with a sampling of four different mustards.
Several of us also ordered house-made Kennebec fries with bacon aioli. They were the best fries - ever (I'm pretty sure.)
I also had to try the Black Pepper, Garlic, Mint and Spring Pea Spatzle. It was so subtle, but great, too.

Desserts soon followed. How could we pass up...

a Lemon Meringue Pie with Blueberry Rosemary compote and marshmallow fluff on the side?
the S'Mores Pots de Creme with houemade graham crackers and marshmallow creme. It was most people's favorite.

a Sourdough waffle with salted butterscotch ice cream with pralines. It was subtle, salty, interesting.

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