Friday, April 06, 2012

Tents Optional Camping - Boys Roughing it in the Wild

Ethan spent part of his break with two friends. They hiked in some miles and did a primative style camping trip. They loved it!
This is a wiki-up, similar to the last one he and Scott made. This one was a bit different since they were in a rock outcropping.

The base is made from fallen wood and fortified with bark, evergreen boughs, etc.

It was big enough to fit three tall men and their limited amount of gear. They only took what they could hike in.

It was a beautiful spot and wonderful weather.

Being dirty means that he is having a good time. :)

Scott will be teaching primative camping skills at a summer camp.

Ethan enjoyed making ashcakes, biscuit like items that are cooked in the warm ash from a fire.

I enjoyed the same stars, but from a different view point. It is hard to tell that a big, fast moving forest fire is raging in another part of the wilderness, much closer to where Andreas lives. IN the end, it was contained and everything in that part of the mountain community was safe. Thank God!

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