Sunday, May 05, 2013

And now we return to the races...

Today Ellie was finally healed enough to race. Now, she was still a bit sick from the stomach puky thing she had earlier in the week, but she raced anyway. It was Kohlton's first ever bike race. We were all very excited for him, and very proud of him, too. Ellie went 12 miles; Kohlton went 24 miles - a long ride for a boy who has only been on a bike a few times.

It was an uphill start and Ellie was doing well, until she had to puke. That set her back to second place.

Kohlton had a much harder time. I think had only ever ridden his bike about 5 miles. He had a bad leg cramp and thought about quitting, but Ellie (who had already finished her race) rode up the course backwards and found him. After a bit of encouragement, he finished the race. He was a hurting unit.

Eric, one of the coaches, raced for the first time.

We were so proud of how hard the kids did. After eating and resting a bit, Ellie, Kohlton, Mark, Brit and I went to dinner. Even before dinner was over, we were planning the details for the next race that happens in two weeks.

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