Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stuff for Cyclefest

Cyclefest, the main fundraiser for the mountain bike league scholarships, is Friday. It is a gala event where the big names and supports of mountain biking in Colorado will be.

This is the entry way poster. It is glorious when it is printed. It will be done on a high gloss paper and mounted on foam core. It is 24" x 36". Heather and Jeremy will both sign the poster and someone will get to take it home. Last year the folks from Primal took the poster. They are one of the most consistent and generous sponsors of bike racing in the state, so it was fitting for them to have it. I have conferred with Austin about elements of the design. We are two arts and graphics geeks taking about colors, lines, visual weight, etc. It is great fun for me to have someone else to talk to about these things. Ellie is great at those conversations, too, but she is busy with her own thing these days.

I also made a spoke nipple necklace and bracelet for the auction. I've only ever made them for specific individuals, thinking about them as I choose the beads and create a design. This will be the only one I have ever offered for sale. It is for an excellent cause and I hope there is interest in bidding on the set.

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