Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hopeful About the Summer and Creating A Bridge

My history with my dad is very limited and I lived most of my life with a hole in my life, in my heart. At the funeral yesterday the family left a space for Ellie and I between my dad and my beautiful sister, Jami. At the reception we all had such a wonderful visit. My dad and I talked about art and ink and Photoshop. He works mostly with Corel, but has Photoshop. He would like to learn to use it. I use it often, so I am hopefully going to teach him how to use it this summer.

It was also great to reconnect with my Aunt Rosemary and visit with my cousin, Sherry, who is still about 14 in my head.

My cousin Rena did an great job pulling it all together. I am thankful that we can have such a huge gap in our communication and still feel so connected.

The photo poster I made was enjoyed and appreciated. I gave it to Mike, my Aunt Shirlee's husband of 29 years. It has to be so hard losing the person you have spent so much of your life with. He is a woodworker. He said he will make a special frame for it. I'm glad I could contribute in a meaningful way, even if it seems small to me.

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