Sunday, June 02, 2013

Moving 12 Years of Teach Materials and Cyclefest

Thursday was another bitter sweet day at work. I cried all of the way there. It was a make-up day for the snow day we had earlier in the school year. Most of the students did not bother to attend. Some of the kids I teach came to spend the last day of the school year with me. Several of them only came to say good bye. I was very touched that they would opt to spend their first day of summer cooped up in my classroom with me. That has been very gratifying; it is wonderful to know that I make a very real difference in the lives of some of my students.

On Friday Ellie, Kohlton and Mayo (Kohlton's best friend) helped me move my classroom from Arvada HS to Alameda International HS. Thank goodness for energetic teenagers. I treated them to lunch and will take them to do something fun as a token of thanks for their efforts. It turns out that it is unclear what room I will be in next year, so my stuff will reside in the home ec. room until sometime in August.

Friday evening we volunteered at Cyclefest. It took place at the Denver Aquarium in the Natalius Ballroom.

Heather Irminger and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski were the main guests. They are world class mountain bike racers and super nice people.

A few other members of our team were there, too.

While the gala dinner was going on, the volunteers hung out and had dinner in the Dive Lounge. It is a fun, interesting place. There are mermaids that swim around in the giant fish tank.

We arrived at home around midnight where upon I dropped into bed, exhausted. I am so glad that it is the summer.

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