Monday, June 24, 2013

Checking on the Bees and Adding Brood Boxes

Ethan was home for the weekend so we took a bit of time to add brood boxes to the bee hives. It is always interesting to see what the bees have been up to.
Here Ethan pulls a frame from the edge of the hive. You can see that the bees have been working.The third hive already had its brood box. It is where the queen, who is now full size, lays the eggs that will become new bees. We do not pull honey from here. It is the nursery.
I've included the photos here so that you can see the new comb that the bees have created. I think it is all pretty incredible.
When we pulled out the frame some of the cells were broken open. The bees quickly moved in, eating the honey, which will be placed somewhere else or will help sustain them.

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