Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ethan's Joy - Succlulents and Hump Day Commercials

Ethan's job in Glenwood is done, at least for this year. He is home for just a few days before he heads off to Colorado Springs for the next project. Ethan spent yesterday with me and will go exploring with his dad today.
We began with breakfast at Snooze. I am pretty sure I had the perfect breakfast. It was house made corned beef hash, a handmade biscuit that was paired with the rosemary, sausage gravy. I also had a hot ginger chia made with almond milk. We then spent time at my favorite local garden center, Southwest Gardens. Ethan misses working in our garden at home so he made himself a succulent garden that he can take with him. The guy who owns the garden center specializes in succulents and he gave us a quick tour and education about the many varieties.

Here's a commercial that makes Ethan happy. It is pretty funny.

My favorite part is , "Mike, Mike, Mike!"

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