Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bailey Hundo - Of Being on the Film Crew

The Film Crew

Early Morning Rider, photo by Ellie

Setting up by the big, white tent

Setting up the finish

A planning meeting to make sure that all of us are well orchestrated. I'm pretty sure Austin thought of everything and then some more. The organization was flawless.

Pausing a moment to take in the beauty that abounds - I feel so fortunate to live in such a magical and wondrous place.

Riders at the first spot. Photos by Ellie. Don't they make it look fun and easy?

Aid station #3, complete with people in goralla suits, a man in a sombrero and lots of fun.

Happy racers from Costa Rica. They are from the group of folks who put on the La Ruta race across Costa Rica. They were a reminder of how joy is contagious.

We were shooting video and stills. Here you can see Brian and Katie filming interviews at the aid station. Stories are what make a film interesting.

The last aid station, 94 miles into the race.

The finish line with happy riders who loved the downhill finish that helped them feel fast and rested, okay, well, a little rested since they just rode 102 miles in the mountains - impressive.

After party fun - more bikes, food, music, awards and friendship.

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