Thursday, October 24, 2013

And a Peacock Costume for Camille - One Last Costume for the Season

On Tuesday Camille and I created a peacock costume together. It is always a treat to help someone's vision come true.
(Camille in her full costume)
Camille is my best friend's daughter. I'm enjoying watching her grow from a tiny babe in arms into a remarkable, artistic young woman. I've help make some of her costumes in the past when I went to visit them close to the Halloween season. Now that they live near me and Camille is a capable young woman, we are able to work side by side to make her costume.
(Working together)

We began by conferring over peacock costumes we had each pinned in Pinterest. We then came up with a plan, had her mother do the shopping and then got together for one intense evening to get it done.

As you can see above, we settled on a high-low tulle skirt. Some of the tulle is even sparkly. While I made the skirt Camille painted the mask. We both thought it was beautiful with just paint and feathers.

(A close up of the mask)

Then we decided that it needed a bit of bling. Camille was not ready to take that on, so I added the eyelashes, the swirls and the rhinestones. We are very jazzed about how it came out.I look forward to seeing how she will top it off with fun make-up and a fancy hair-do when she comes to the school party Ellie and Kohlton are throwing at AVS.

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