Saturday, October 05, 2013

Cider Day, Tractor Love, A Great Time with Ethan

Ethan and I went to Cider Days over that the Lakewood Heritage Center. I had never been before, and had way more fun than I had expected to.
Ethan and I went because I knew he would love checking out the tractors.We went to watch the Tractor Pull as well. Ethan and Aaron could have competed, if they had felt like it.
Some tractor owners add weights to help them have more traction. At the start of a pull the announcer states the combined weight of the tractor and the driver. Then the tractor pull the device. As it goes father, it causes the water filled tank to move closer to the target, which means that it essentially gets heavier to pull.
I made cider while Ethan hung out with Aaron and the guys that own the antique equipment.
There was a lovely homestead with a great garden. I might consider redesigning my garden to be more like this one next year.
Aaron had some of his stuff displayed.
We also took in other fun entertainment, like trained pigs who were lots of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Great pic of you and Ethan Tam! Looks like you had a wonderful time:)!