Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting in the Mooood - Our Halloween Decor

Each year I eagerly anticipate the store displays of the Halloween goods. I both hope for wonderful stuff, and I dead it, just a little as that means that I have stuff that I want. This year it was a mix of both responses. Thankfully, I did not want much. But, I do love the various lanterns that are new this year. I had to have a few. A friend gave me the Owl lantern from Target and I bought a set of twin Blackbird lanterns myself.
Each year I basically put out the decorations in the same way. This year Ellie was inspired to take over some of the great spots and work her magic. I love to see what she will come up with. Her artistic vision is very different than my own. I love what she has done this year!
I've also been working on the invitations for our annual Pumpkin Carving Party and Potluck. This year we spiffed up card kits from the Recollections collection from Michael's.
I also worked a little hand lettering magic on the envelopes. I love imagining what people might feel when they find their envelopes in a stack of bills. I used to be part of mail art exchanges so that I could receive that kind of fun mail, too. I just don't have the time to be a consistent contributing member to such an exchange at this time. There will be time later on.

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