Sunday, October 20, 2013

Creating the Mad Hatter's Jacket, Nearly Finishing Alice's Dress and a Whole Lot of Creative Juices Flowing

Saturday was a bumpy day. I found myself with much of the day to myself, sewing happily out in the back yard. Remmie was playing, the sun was shining, the wind was not blowing and it was lovely. I was sewing on a whole row of hook and eyes on the back of the Alice dress. Then the phone rang. I stuff the Alice dress into a bag and ran to pick up the phone. By the time I came back outside, the dog had pulled the dress out of the bag, pinned it to the ground with his paw and ripped out one of the hooks, taking both layers of fabric with it and creating a nasty looking hole in the back of the dress. It took a while to mend it. I had to sew patches of both fabrics in place by hand and then redo the hook.
I also spent time trying to stain the Mad Hatter jacket with paint and fabric dye. However, once washed, it came out perfectly clean. I am impressed with how well the corduroy jacket resists stains. (Never mind that I wanted it to stain this time.) By the afternoon our refrigerator had broken down and stopped working. Food started to thaw. Later that day Grandpa Don called to say that he was not well and asked for a trip to the hospital. By the end of the evening I had nearly finished the Alice dress, mending and all. Larr made an appointment with the repair guy and the doctors kept Don over night for observation, but all major worries had been ruled out.
Sunday was a much better day, thankfully. The kids spent the day shopping and doing art together. I dusted the Mad Hatter jacket with several colors of spray paint, sewed lace and decorative cording onto the cuffs, added ribbon to the pocket and created a belt of spools of thread that I borrowed from my mother.
The kids collaborated on a drawing and we worked together to make an artistic piece that we will have printed via Shutterfly.
Ethan made breakfast, but I will feature that in another post. We had home grown potatoes as part of our dinner. They were certainly better than those that we could get at the grocery store. I wanted to make sure that Ethan had a nice, warm, healthy, balance home-cooked meal before he headed back to Colorado Springs and back to work in the morning.

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