Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hand Crafted Lotion Bars for the Alpine Valley School Auction

Friday night was the live auction at AVS. We made several things for the auction. I made lotion bars with bee's wax from Ethan's hives from last year (before I started working the hives with Ethan), shea butter and coconut oil. Ellie made the fun containers. Each container has two lotion bars, one that is peppermint & orange; the other one is balsam, spruce and orange. I was very pleased that one container sold for $65. There is another set on the silent auction as well. I also made a 5" x 7" leather cover for a small journal. I hope they both go for a reasonable price. You can view the items and everything else in the auction here:
Alpine Valley School Auction Site

Ellie and Kohlton also made a three dimensional, wooden tiger.

On Saturday night we had a nice family dinner at Mark and Lilia's house. She is a wonderful cook and we really enjoyed the meal, especially the appetizers:

Smoked Salmon in Phylo Cups (or toast):

5 oz. Smoked Salmon (or trout)
1 TBL. Stone Ground Mustard
1 1/2 TBL. Mayonnaise (Lilia used Mayo with Olive Oil)
Phyllo Cups or Small Toasts

Flake the salmon in a bowl. Add the mustard and mayo. Mix well. Spoon into the phyllo cups or on the top of toasts. Place slices or radishes topped with chopped dill. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

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