Monday, November 10, 2014

Spending a Little Time in Cabos San Lucas - More Photos from Ethan

Today Ethan posted a few more photos. I assume that they are in Cabos san Lucas.
And here he is looking tan, fit and beautiful. Seeing him happy makes me miss him in a different way than how I miss him when he is sad, frustrated, stressed or unhappy.

This evening I am trying to relax and I find that trying to relax is hard and frustrating for me. I've had a head cold for almost a week. I've rested a lot, slept extra hours and still, I am losing my voice. I am afraid that I will come down with pneumonia again. I spent much of the evening listening to a book on my Ipod and snuggling with the dog. I like it, but it also makes me feel like I am falling behind. I have things I want to do, drawings I want to make, a painting to do. You get the idea. Perhaps I will be better at this tomorrow.

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