Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Preparations - Sunday

Ethan is coming home on Tuesday and Don is going home from the hospital (after having been there for a bit more than 3 weeks) so I want to get as much of the food for the week done ahead of time. It will feel good to have a plan. Right now I feel overwhelmed by everything I need to get done. This list is only the food and table related work. I also want to get as much of the house clean as possible.

In order to get ready for Thanksgiving, today (Sunday) I...:

... made the turkey broth with veggies from scratch so that I can make the base of the turkey gravy ahead of time. I will do the last few steps on Thanksgiving, right after I take the turkey out of the oven;
... made the sausage, apple, veggie and herb portion of stuffing. Tomorrow I will make the cornbread.

On Monday I will make the ...:

... Cornbread for the stuffing;
... Spicy Bing Cherry Jam;
... Spiced nuts;
... Cranberry Relish;
... holiday crackers (the kind with the paper hat, a joke, candy, etc.).

On Tuesday I will...:

... figure out how we are going to arrange the couches and the table (we will bring in the picnic table for extra seating;
... work with Ellie to plan the table decorations including which table clothes we will use, the center pieces, etc.;
... get the fine china, the family silverware, etc. and get it all ready

On Wednesday I will make...:

... Pepakorka cookies;
... Pumpkin Pie
... Pecan Pie
... Nantucket Cranberry Pie
... set the table in the evening.

On Thursday I will...:

... get up early to start the turkey roasting;
... make the mashed potatoes in the morning and keep them warm in the crockpot;
... make the dough for rolls in my bread-maker and then bake them right after I take the turkey out of the oven;
... arrange the appetizers;
... mix the White Cranberry Spritzer;
... make whipped cream;

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