Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Turtle Bay and a Top Knot

Ethan has spent the past few days in Turtle Bay in Mexico. Their next destination to Bahia Santa Maria has been put off a few days while the fleet waits in the safety of Turtle Bay awaiting the big storm (or may it is a hurricane, I am not sure) passes by southern Mexico.

Ethan is having a good time on the Schooner Patrica Bell.

This is Ethan with Anna Elise, who speaks fluent Spanish, which comes in handy when you are in a small, rural Mexican town and speak very little Spanish yourself. Notice the top knot? I would never have guessed that he would go for a hair style like that one.

Ethan says that Turtle Bay is like Utah, but with an ocean. He says it reminds him of Jamaica where most of the buildings are only partially built and the roads are all dirt. Everything seems to have a fine layer of dirt on it. The people of the town have been very welcoming.

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