Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Daughter, the Graduate

I'd like to present my daughter, Ellie, the graduate. After much work, which included a few tears and plenty of nashing of the teeth, Ellie has successfully and beautifully completed her written thesis. Last night she defended her thesis in her oral presentation. After deliberations, her panel has declared that Ellie has met the requirements to graduate from Alpine Valley School. We are all so very excited for her.
The ceremony will take place next month. For now, I think she is very relieved to have the process completed. She certainly had a spring in her step this morning.

The process of writing her thesis and presenting it was hard. It required a lot of soul searching, introspection and being both honest, as well as forgiving, with herself. We are proud of her for meeting that challenge head on and taking that journey. I think she is better for it.

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