Friday, April 03, 2015

A Little Fancy in Our Lives

Recently Kohlton and Brandon purchased new suits, ties, shoes - the whole ensamble - so that each boy will look sharp at his thesis defense. They like getting a bit dressed up and fancy, so they donned their new clothes and went out for dinner at their favorite Thai place.

Don't they look lovely?

Ellie submitted her final draft of her thesis this week and so we went shopping for a new dress for her to wear to her defense. This was pretty different from shopping for dresses to wear to a dance or to ballroom. It was really something to see her looking so grown up in these dresses.
These are photos we took as she was trying on dresses. These were the winners. We got an amazing deal on the Banana Republic dress, the one with solid colors. It was originally $140 and we paid $27 for it. The more unusual dress is a Ralph Lauren dress. She loves the dress. Now we just need to figure out what shoes to go along with it.
We also had a nice meal at Johnny Rockets. It made it so that we could keep on going.

I also admired the new Vans. I love the line work.

Back at home, I am preparing to do a bit of paper art with pages from a book. I am inspired by many artists, but especially by Su Blackwell and Helen Musselwhite.

Here's a bit of Helen's work and an interesting article about why she created this display.

Here's why I love Su Blackwell's artwork:

And other artists:

I find this all very inspiring. I will dream of old books, glue, patterns, scissors and Ex-Acto knives tonight, surely.I hope it inspires you, too.

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