Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boy Scout Rank Advancements and Honors Awards

Things have really started to pull together for Ethan. On Monday night we attended his Boy Scout Troop Court of Honor. First he received quite a few merit badges including Railroading, Model Building, Family Life, and Woodworking. He was also awarded the Star rank. We were proud of the hard work he did to get to this level. He has one rank left before he can begin is Eagle project.

Next he was elected to the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader position. This will be a good fit for him, allowing him a chance to put his leadership skills to the test.
The biggest surprise of the evening was his election as a candidate for the Order of the Arrow. This is a service oriented honor society. Each troop can only put one or two boys up for consideration each year. Next he will have to complete an OA Ordeal to be accepted into the order. If you look closer you can see the sash they wear that indicated their life membership in the order.

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