Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Masquerade Ball

Ellie and her friends had planned for the Masquerade Ball for nearly a month. Davis, Anna's step dad, took them shopping for an entire day. Ellie and I visited at least four store. Then they found what they were looking for - party dresses. When she told me what she was looking for I did a double take. She took me completely by surprise. I thought she would not be caught dead in a dress, but I was wrong. She said, "Mom, I am not sure how many more dances there will be and I want to go normal to at least one." I was even more amazed when I saw what she was able to get for $10. They completed their "look" with wild socks and Converse tennis shoes. (Ellie had really cool socks but the dryer destroyed one last week. :() They accessorized themselves with big hoop earrings and bead necklaces. They had planned to do feather boas, but that did not happen.

They assembled at our house Saturday morning to hang out, do their nails, etc. By the we needed to leave they had completely transformed themselves. I thought it was great. My how they have grown in the last year!

After eating a lovely dinner we had dance lesson lead by Lena, the person who teaches dance at our school, and her brother, Teddy, who happens to be one of my students. They did a lovely job whipping the crowd into a passing line dancing crowd. Later in the evening we got down to more contemporary music. Ethan opted to be the DJ for most of the evening. He has always preferred to be behind the scene when events like these take place.

It was great to see so many of the kids dressed up. I especially love to see Ari in costumes. He is such a beautiful person, but even more stunning as a pirate. Costumes seem to be one of his things. I'd say the evening was a success.

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