Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keenan Graduates from Marine Corps. Boot Camp with Honors

Keenan is our pseudoson. He began attending our school at a young age. He would ride to school with us in the morning and spend the summer days with us. He was, or rather still is, like a brother and a son. He is now about 22 years old and he recently graduated with honors from the Marine Corp.s boot camp in San Diego. Last week Larr went out to be there for the ceremonies. Here is what he brought back:
Guest Blogger - Larr, my husband:
Keenan Q. graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp (aka Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego) February 13, 2009.

Larry and Debra from the school went to watch
John and Janet (his parents) also attended.
Larry, John and Janet flew out Wednesday night and stayed with other families at a beech house near the MCRD

Boot camp is 13 weeks long and involves a lot of walking ("If I wasn't eating, sleeping or in class I was on my feet")

He was part of a platoon of 82 men ranging in age from 17 to 26 (Keenan is 23). There were 6 platoons in Bravo Company.
Keenan volunteered for the leadership position known as Guide shortly after arriving. ("I got yelled at a lot more and less sleep than the rest of the platoon.")

As is expected, he got fired once from this position. He thought "...Good...I'll be able to go back to being a normal recruit for a few days, rest and then get the Guide position back." He was rehired within 24 hours.

He came by the school for a brief visit on Tuesday February 17th

He will get 22 days of leave (14 of which he will do recruiter assistant)
Goes back for 4 weeks of Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton after which he will go to 99 Palms CA (the Marines call it "99 stumps") for further training in his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty).

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