Saturday, February 07, 2009

Puppy Love

Last Saturday I was happy to have a chance to and pick up Ellie from Anna's house. I love to visit with Laura, but this trip had a lovely little bonus - puppies! She has a large batch of Havanese puppies that were about two weeks old last Saturday.

They were so tiny, some of them not even as big as a can of soda. They are so young that most of them still had their eyes and ears shut. (Did you know that puppies are born with their ears shut? News to me.) They were warm and snugly. If you put a finger near a mouth you were likely to be sucked. I am not sure who my favorite it. I think it might be Juniper. She does not have a great sucking reflex so she is struggling a bit. Luckily God send her to Laura's house where she gets all star care. She needs to be tube fed every four hours and gets weighed at least once a day to make sure she is growing at the right rate. In a house with a less patient and knowledgeable caregiver she most likely would have died. So I cheer her on every day.

Her litter mate, Gwen, is living large and has not latching problems. She is a big, sweet girls whose disposition reminds you to enjoy every moment of your life.

The boys are lovely, too. I enjoyed looking at the swirl patterns their fur makes. When they grow bigger their fur will become long and you will no longer see those lovely swirls. Each one has his own texture and color pattern. I am not sure who my favorite boy is - I love them all.

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