Saturday, August 03, 2013

Ellie Gets Her Sea Legs

Ellie left for her North Carolina sailing holiday on Wednesday evening. She is going with Kohlton, his father, Mark and Martine. Their plane was to leave very early on Thursday morning, so they kicked off the vacation by going to a nice dinner and stay at the Marriot by the airport. Much of the first day was spent getting there. They flew in Charlotte, then took a puddle jumper to the regional airport in New Bern.
They are being hosted by Donny and Diana. Donny used to be one of Mark's best friends in high school. Donny and Diana used to live in Grandby. The group of them used to sail on Lake Grandby. Donny and Diana have been together since they were 14. They have 3 teenage boys. Kohlton has been sailing with them his entire life.
On Friday they set sail and were on the water for 7 hours. Thankfully, it seems that Ellie does not have any problems with sea sickness. However, being teenagers, they took the opportunity to snag a nap.
Judging by what I see in Martine's photos, I think the adults took the time to have silly fun of their own.
I am thankful to Mark for giving this holiday to Ellie. What an adventure it will be! Today they are sailing to a small island that has a lighthouse and not much else. Ellie may even learn to surf today.

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