Thursday, August 01, 2013

Getting Ready for a Holiday - A Pedicure and Anklets

My lucky girl is on her way to North Carolina today. She is with Kohlton, Mark and Martine. They are going to spend the next week sailing a yacht and hanging out on the beach. Mark's (Kohlton's dad) best friend, Donny is a yacht dealer who owns a house near the beach. Ellie is going to have a wonderful adventure.

I made some anklets for the girls on the trip. Ellie refashioned a leather anklet. She took off of the charms and added skull beads as well as a jade doughnut. I made my anklets with glass beads, crystals, hematite, turquoise and stretchy cord. Martine has a metal sensitivity and so I needed to work around that. I was worried about using the stretchy cord as I was not sure how to tie the knot so that it would stay secure. (I'm including a helpful video on how to secure the knot at the end of this post.)

On Tuesday Ellie and went for the pedicures for the first time. It was awesome! Christy and Connie joined us.
We got to soak our toes in a bubbly tub.

They trimmed out nails, took care of the cuticles.
Ivy even took care of my awful, cracked heels by taking a cheese grater tool to my heels.
We had the paraffin wax treatment, foot and leg massages and a salt scrub on the legs.

Then we got another foot massage and our nails painted.

I think we are going to have to do that again!

Oh yes, I almost forgot - here's the video on how to secure the knots made of stretchy cord.

Here's a fun recipe card from Kevin and Amanda:
Flavored Lemonade - 3 ways

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