Thursday, August 08, 2013

Emerald Isle and A Garden Update

The Girl comes home today; my have I missed her. I am certain that she has had a wonderful time. I would imagine that they have all run themselves so hard that they will need to sleep a ton once they arrive home.

They spent their last day on the Emerald Isle beach, from what I can tell.

And of course, here is a video to round out this part of the post:

I have spent much of the time cleaning, creating, etc. A very big chunk of it has been spent at school. It took me 3 days to set up my classroom in my new school and then I had 2 days of training. I will be meeting with my new team mates this afternoon. I had a lovely breakfast meeting with my dear friend and colleague Kassidy. She is moving from AHS to teaching online. Her's is an exciting and scary adventure, too.
But I have also been enjoying my time at home. I have prepped some old honeycomb for a project. I will share that with you soon. The garden has been pretty happy, but it also seems to be slowing down. For some reason, the beans seem to be stuck in a time warp.

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