Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Sketchbook for Camille - The Design Process

My sweet friend, Camille, turned 14 on Friday. She always loves and appreciates the specially lettered envelopes I create when I send mail to her family. I decided that would be a great jumping off point for putting together a special present for her. Here is what I created.
Here's the design process I went through before I settled on a design.
This shows how I figured out the spacing on the final lettering. I was not able to do the fine detail on the book due to the woven texture on the sketchbook.
Here are some of the other lettering styles I tried out. I ended up recreating them on some of the pages inside of the book.
I picked out some of the quotes that I really like that I had pinned on my Pinterest board. I added them at the tops and bottoms of pages throughout the book.
I ended the book with the quote about the chicken crossing the road. I wanted to end with a bit of humor. I hope that Camille will like it as much as I enjoyed creating it for her.

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