Saturday, July 13, 2013

Purple Rocking Director's Chairs, Homemade Pizza and a Few Fun Videos

For the last three years I have spent part of my summers refurbishing outdoor chairs. This year I refurbished a couple of rocker style director's chairs.

One of our neighbors was moving away and had thrown them out. When I got them, the original black paint had turned to powder and the fabric ripped. I tried the lazy route by sanding and spray painting them blue, but that did not work well.

So, this time I did 3 levels of sanding, three coats of primer and three coats of exterior paint. I also made new fabric segments. I am pretty happy with how they came out. These photos show the progression. I actually liked the way the wood looked when it was sanded, but it would not weather well.

Last week I made homemade pizza. They were both a twist from the usual flavors.

Canadian Bacon with Pineapple (and Jalapenoes)
One was a Canadian Bacon with Pineapple (and jalapenos, although I was out of these this time so they were not actually on this pizza)with sweet chili sauce for the base.

Margherita Pizza with Pesto
This one has freshly made mozzarella cheese, tiny grape tomatoes, fresh basil and a pesto base (instead of olive oil).

Here are some videos that I am enjoying right now:

Here's the link to his Coca Cola video. (I could not figure out how to embed it.)

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