Saturday, July 06, 2013

4th of July Celebrations - BBQs and a Bicycle Parade

We made the most of our celebration of America's independence. On the 3rd we had a family BBQ at my mom's house.
My mom loves matching outfits. (When I was about 14 years old she took the entire family to Hawaii where she purchased Momos for the girls and shirts for the guys, all in blue polyester floral and surfer motif outfits. We looked like a giant bold of fabric when we were seen together in public.) I have to admit that Grandma Gay and Ellie having matching shirts is pretty cute.

The next day we took part in the annual 4th of July bicycle parade over in Grandpa Don's neighborhood. This year the Cures joined in. Ethan went over to their house and helped Aaron drive over two of his special tractors. They were a big hit. Since they are farm equipment they can be driven on the regular streets. Lots of people gave them the "thumbs up" as they passed. Ethan looks great on a tractor. He says that he may have to get himself one.
I even got to drive one of the tractors. It was fun. However, here are some tips for driving a tractor:
1. Don't wear a dress while driving a tractor, especially one that buttons down the front;
2. Flip flops, no matter how cute they are, are not ideal tractor driving shoes;
3. It is better if the driver is more than 5'2" tall.
However, if you are motivated, you can still make it work. I look forward to when I can do it again.

They joined us in the morning to decorate the bikes and tractors.
The Cures also brought over their funny, tiny bike. Aaron joked that he was a fat man on a tiny bike and that Ethan was a tall man on a small bike. Luckily they did not have ideas of trying to actually ride them around the neighborhood.
After the ride was over, we rode the tractors more. Molly, the person who puts on the parade, has popsciles, candy, lemonade, etc. She also collects funds for the fire department. The give people rides in an old truck and let the kids run through the water that they pump out of the hydrant on the corner. It is a lot of fun every year.
Later that evening Ethan, Larr and I went over to the Cure's for a BBQ. Britt took Ellie and Kohlton to Aurora for more festivities and a firework show. She had not been to one since she was a little girl. Ellie says that Britt loved it and already looks forward to going again.

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