Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our Summer Party - A Big Hit

My best friend, Natalie, and her family have moved to Golden.
To celebrate this, we through a summer party. I think it might have been our best party yet. We had an eclectic guest list. I think everyone had fun.

Larr helped me put up the flags and the hula hoop chandeliers that I made. I was very thank for that help. I could not have done that alone. Ellie helped with the layout and placement of lawn furniture, a place for the food, etc. She create a special place for making s'mores.
The food was great. Everyone brought something fun to eat. Ellie made a cake from watermelon and Cool Whip. I made the fruit pizza. We put the drinks in mason jars on ice in the wheel barrow. It worked out really well.
Ethan was able to get off from work early and attend the party. He had to be back at work the next morning by about 4:45 a.m., so he left at 3:00 a.m. We were worried about how safely he would drive being that he got only about 3 hours of sleep. Larr rose with him and made breakfast for Ethan. By then Ethan was bright eyed and ready to go.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for an amazing party Tam!!! We had a blast! Beautiful decorations, great food and awesome company--what a night:)! Love, Natalie