Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Recap - Thursday, Ellie's Real Birthday + Silly Videos

Last Thursday was a glorious, almost summer like day and it happened to be Ellie's 17th birthday as well. It was a school day, so I left flowers for Ellie. She would find them on the breakfast table after I had gone to work. When I told my students that it was my daughter's birthday many of them were aghast as they thought I should have taken the day off to spend with my daughter. They were further amazed when I told them that she went to school. They seem to agree that I should have stayed home and taken her to Chucke Cheese's for the day.

Kohlton provided his own birthday surprise for The Girl when he showed up at school with roses and a gift certificate for a new swimsuit. (Ellie LOVES getting a new swim suit each year. It seems to signal the beginning of being hopeful for good weather for her.)

After work I picked up Ellie and Kohlton. Larr had a meeting that evening, so we were on our own for dinner. I decided to treat them to dinner at one of Ellie's favorite restaurants, Vincenza's Ristorante and Bakery. As a special treat the kids had Italian sodas. We also picked up pasteries at Vinnola's Italian Market on the way home.
It was still lovely when we got home so they took the dog for a walk, making their way to the local elementary school where Remmie discovered the joy of slides.
By the time they got home, Ellie was beginning to fill a bit ill, so they spent the rest of the evening hanging out and watching a bit of television together. I offered to take them to see "The Lego Movie" but they were happier at home.

The actual celebration of her birthday took place on Saturday.

Here are some videos that we have been enjoying:

(One more fun girl bit over at FashionbyMayhem.)

And just in case you are in the mood for a sing-along tonight (or dancing along as Ellie and Kohlton were moved to do):

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