Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life on a Tall Ship - Life on the Inside

Ethan posted the following quote. I think it has been one of the guides that he is using to make meaning in his life. He is striving to have a balance between useful purpose and adventure. I think he has achieved that balance.

"I left my home and all I knew because I feared the complacency that was growing in me. I feared that I would be content to never experience anything of America beyond the city in which I was born. But after hearing Whitman, this complacency became unthinkable, and my comfort became my greatest burden."

-Grayzon Ozias IV

Today I want to show you what the interior of the boat looks like. It is a very small space, but it seems that it is well appointed. Ethan likes being part of a team. The parts that I will show you house about 14 sailors. The leadership and the cook have a seperate space on the boat that I do not have photos of.
This is the dining room and living room where the sailors eat their meals, play lots of games, watch videos, etc. When they are traveling everything has to be tied down. Ethan has a lot of good times in this room.
Just behind this spot is the library, which is really just one shelf of books. They are in port often enough that many of the readers on the boat just read on their tablets, computers, etc. Ethan is just about to finish Jack Kerouac's On The Road. Once he is finished he will either read more of Kerouac's works, or he might reread the Jack London stories.
The coyote pelt in this photo is from a ceremonial event that the Hawaiian Chieftan and her crew took part in a while back (before Ethan's time on the boat.) It was a representative peace-making event where the crews on the tall ships and representatives of the Native Indians of the area traded gifts.
These are the bunks. They have the tied down curtain to keep the sleeper from rolling out of the bunk during rough waters. The space is not tall enough to sit up in, but that does not appear to be a problem. The boat has a metal hull and so the temperatures from outside travel inside. There is also a constant condensation issue, so the sleeping space is nearly always damp. During this season, it is very cold. During the summer, it will be very hot. They take their bedding out from time to time to air it out and dry it. The sailors like to pull shenanigans which means that sometimes a sailor will hide another sailor's sleeping gear, or the pad, etc. It is usually taken as good fun.
There are a variety of water tight hatches where parts of the ship can be closed off, if needed.
This ladder leads to the deck of the boat. The ship has two bikes that the sailors can use to get themselves places when they are docked.

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