Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fabricate & Nomad Beads - Girl's Day Out, Part 2

[ Don Update: He is still in the ICU, but the prognosis is better and more hopeful. Today would have been Grandma Eleanor's birthday, if she were still with us. We will place flowers at her grave this afternoon. It will be nice that Uncle Doug will be with us to do this. ]

After the wonderful Brunch at the Boulder Teahouse on Saturday, we headed to Fabricate. It is a wonderful fabric show with fun fabrics, lots of light and great people who care about offering nice stuff. I think you can see that in the photos I have below.
It is a fairly new store and I was so happy to find it. One of my most favorite quilting stores, Great American Quilt Factory, closed several years ago. Their closing meant that it was much, much harder for me to find the bright, vibrant, interesting prints that I love. When I first stumbled into Fabricate, I knew that the gap had been filled.
During a quick stop before taking a class over at Two Hands Papiery, I stopped in and found a few fabrics that I loved. I want to bring a bit of spring into my home and so I thought it would be nice to make a springy quilted runner for our coffee table. They had the perfect fabric, but I had not decided on a design or taken measurements, so I did not buy any of that print that day. I looked for something similar at other stores, but I did not find it anywhere else. I did not want to make the 45 minute trip to Boulder to buy it, so I was happy to find that it was still available on Saturday.

Natalie enjoyed the shop, too. She bought fabric and the Amy Butler "Barcelona" skirt pattern. She also scored a super cute skirt from their class samples rack.

I love the light and the openness of the shop. Don't you?
I love how there is an emphasis on having space available for classes or projects. When we were shopping one of the teachers was setting up for a birthday where each little girl would get to make a doll quilt and pillow using two fat quarters and some stuffing. What a great idea that was.

I also love the extra special trims and buttons. They are so different from what I can find at the standard fabric shops. Their collection reminds me of what I can find at Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver.

They also have a few specialty items like canvas, and vinyl backed fun fabric.

While I went in to get the fabric I wanted for my table runner, I was also looking for some fun fabric to make into a new skirt. (I am so tired of the stuff I have hanging in my closet!) I found a great fabric with birds at the edge. I've washed and dried it. Now I just have to find the time to make it. I am a bit stymied over the design of the skirt since most patterns have a curve at the bottom and the bird are in a straight line. I may have to cut it off, cut the curved pattern and add it on afterwards, or I may change my design from a full A-line to something more like a straight skirt. (I will include a photo of the fabrics soon.)

If you are in Boulder, you should check it out. It is near the Pearl Street Mall on the east end of it.

As if Fabricate was not enough of a creative jumpstart, we also went to Nomad Beads on the west end of town. I had not been to it before, but I am sure to go back. Natalie loved it, too.

They had tons of great beads to buy, including steam punk gears and images. (I really loved some of the octopus items.) We both thought the merchandising was really well done.

They also had handmade jewelry for sale and lots of fun classes, including beginner sessions for free on Saturdays.

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