Saturday, March 22, 2014

Two Hands Paperie and Peace, Love & Chocolate - Girl's Day Out, Part 3

Natalie and I made two more stops before heading home last Saturday.
We stopped by Peace, Love and Chocolate because I knew she would love the way the store was set up. (Natalie loves merchandising and beautiful stores). And, they have amazing chocolate, especially hot chocolate. Plus, I always like to admire the signage as our friend, Mark, created the logo and all of the signs. I love how one of the original mock-ups hangs in the bathroom.
We tasted samples, we considered exotic flavors of chocolate bars and she bought some truffles for her family. Both of us were still too full from our meal to need hot chocolate. I guess that we will simply have to make another stop during another visit to Boulder.
We also went next store to Two Hands Paperie. How could I be in Boulder and not stop by one of my favorite stores? I always love to see how the displays have changed, pick up some things for projects, etc. This time I got a few things to make crepe paper flowers at home. Natalie found an unusual pencil sharpener for Ben.
It was also fun to see the new displays. They are handmade kites created by Melanie Walker and George Peters, a couple from Boulder.

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