Sunday, March 16, 2014

Colorado Avalanche vs Anaheim Ducks - Box Seats at a Hockey Game

On Friday Larr and I went on a date to a Colorado Avalanche hockey game. They were going head to head with the Anaheim Ducks. Scott had two tickets for the ALICE/KOSI (local radio stations)private box where we had comfortable seats, drinks and dinner.
When I was in high school some of my friends and I used to go to the hockey games to see the game, the fights on the ice, the silly drunks in the audience and the fights in the stands. Hockey games are far more tame than those times. The games was loud, bright, busy and fun. I think it was a bit too much for Larr. It made me kind of wish that I had been able to play hockey as a teen, and it made me miss playing soccer. (I played all through high school.)
There were tons of flashing lights, a jumbotron with bright lights displaying different angle of the game. Each time there was down time in the game something was going on.
There was the Kiss-Cam that roamed the stands showing people who would then see themselves on the jumbotron and then kiss. The best one won a prize. There was a proposal gladly accepted and a guy in a different part of the stands with a sign that showed a picture of the ice, the team logo and a ring that read, "Don't do it, It is a trap!"

There were girls who dressed dressed like cheerleaders who cleaned the ice often.
There were tiny parachutes dropped that delivered canisters with prizes. They threw t-shirts into the crowds and there were truck size balloons that floated around dropping lottery tickets and gift cards for a local furniture store. I thought those things were pretty fun.
And of course there were the zambonis where were also decorated with pretty girls.
There were interviews and games with prizes. An Irish step dancing troupe performed. And there was dinner in the box. We had chicken sandwiches, nachos, popcorn and drinks.

One of the most interesting entertainments during a pause in the game was a video that featured the AVS hockey team members in a special edition video of the Imagine Dragons "Radioactive" music video.

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