Monday, May 19, 2014

A Baby Shower for Roya

On Friday our ESL team hosted a baby shower for Roya, whose due date was June 7th. It is a good thing that we had that party then since she gave birth on Saturday to baby Ari Franklin.

Roya has had a few showers before ours, so we asked the guests to gift her with their favorite children's books. Roya loves her personal library and we are happy to help Ari start his.
The others on our team provided the food. My charge was to decorate, so I made a pajaki for them. I have helped make a few others, but this one was all my own doing. Roya and Gaelan did not want the traditional boy colors, so I picked more vibrant ones. It turns out that orange/coral, a turquoise blue and grey were their wedding colors and the blue that I used on the hoop is Gaelan's favorite color. Roya and Gaelan's style is minimalistic, so I made sure that she did not feel obligated to take it. I was very happy when she said that she really wanted it. It turns out that they do not have anything to hang above Ari's crib. And now they do.

If you'd like to make one, too, here are the basic directions for the pajaki and the tassles. I think this is fun, too.
The kids in my advisement class and study hall helped me make these fun, colorful paper fan swags. It started out as a way to make decorations with stuff I already had, and then it turned into something else. It turns out that making something so fun, so beautiful with something as simple a paper make the kids who helped feel a little magical and artistic. That was the best part of this activity. You can make them, too!

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