Thursday, May 01, 2014

Spoke Nipple (a bike part) Necklaces for the Cyclefest Auction & A Few Videos of Talented People

It has been a sort of Crazy Town kind of week with the 9th graders. As a result, I am super tired, so I'm just going to post the photos of the necklaces that I made for the Cyclefest 2014 benefit this year.
It was fun to pull out all of my beading stuff and come up with a few designs.
Here's what I came up with. I hope they all go for reasonable prices. The blue and gold one is for Georgia Gould, the featured guest. She is one of the few professional female cyclists who makes enough to live a decent life. She was also supportive and encouraging towards Ellie, cheering for her by name at races. I hope she likes what I made for her.
These other two will be put out in the silent auction.

Tomorrow most of the 9th graders are going on a field trip. I will stay at school with the kids who cannot go because they are failing one or more classes. It will be an interesting day. I'm sure that I will need to do something creative by the time I get home from work.

Ellie loves to watch some of the talent search programs. We enjoyed a few together this evening:

This one, "Tea and Toast" brings a tear to Ellie's eye every time.

Jade Richards, 21:

This one has some features Lillie McCloud, 54 years old and amazingly talented:

Do you need to cry again? Here's one that will do it to you:
Ashley Williams

Ella Henderson, 16:

I found this one on my own:

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